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While some dog harness activities are still relatively young, skijor already has a history. At the Olympic Winter Games in 1928, this sport was first introduced and has since become very popular. Particularly in Scandinavia, many people enjoy it, but in other countries its popularity is also growing.

Skijoring Experience in cross-country skiing necessary

Especially if you live in a region which has quite a lot of snow in the winter or you take winter vacations regularly, this sport is very well suited to fully occupy you - and your four-legged friend - both physically and mentally. However, you should already have experience in cross-country skiing to be securely drawn by your dog.

Equip Dog and owner properly

To pull you on your skis without sustaining damage, your dog needs a good harness. By this the trigger point is better distributed than in standard harnesses. In addition, a tug is needed. Since the skis already are of a certain length, it should be a minimum of three meters or about ten feet long. A shock absorber is also necessary to attain a balancing effect. It would be perfect when you're wearing a special Joring belt enclosing the buttocks and thus providing much comfort. In addition to cross-country skiing and matching shoes you need warm ski clothing. It can not be underestimated how fast you can freeze in the wrong clothing when you exercise your sport, sweat, and then take a break.

Consult your vet

Skijoring is straining for humans and animals. Your dog should be strong enough to pull you. Nordic breeds are particularly happy about being able to pull something at a fast pace, but any other race that is sufficiently strong may also be used. If your vet confirms that from a health perspective your Doberman or German Shepherd is okay, there is nothing contrary to the mission, you can get started.

Ski on special trails

Especially at the beginning it is important not to overwhelm your dog. In the first few weeks, it is necessary to pay attention to the four-legged friends exhaustion and take many breaks. To learn how to deal with ski and companion, it is advisable to take a course. It is ideal if your dog already knows how to pull a sled, but it's not a requirement. Please never use Alpine Skiing when testing your dog at home! The steel edges are too sharp and hard. There is a high risk of injury for your dog if you lose your balance. Remember, you may not use normal cross-country skiing trails with your dog. Look for ski resorts that provide special trails for skijoring where you can have your fun.