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Skatejoring Belts for dog joring

Skatejoring Belt
Dog joring offers a wide range of activities. One of them is Skatejoring, where you let a dog or two dogs pull you. You wear Skikes or Nordic skates for rough terrain. They give you a great speed and can be ridden on almost any surface.

Joring belt for Skatejoring

You can wear a joring belt for Skatejoring. Then you have your hands free. The leash is attached to this belt, the other end of which is latched to your dog's pulling harness. To be on the safe side, you can install a Panic Snap. This will free you from your quadruped at lightning speed. This is especially important if you are at a high speed and are in danger of falling.

Comprehensive selection

We offer you different joring belts so that you can choose the one that suits you best. For example, if you are on longer trips, you will need a small water bottle and an energy bar. They can be easily stowed in the pockets of a belt. Other joring belts without pockets are suitable for shorter distances or competitions. The belts can be adjusted exactly to your needs with various straps.