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Skatejoring Pulling Harnesses

Skatejoring Pulling Harnesses
Harnesses for dog joring sports must be light, fit tightly but should not incise. They leave the chest and neck completely free so that your dog can breathe well. Skatejoring is a demanding sport variant. You are standing on Skikes or Nordic skates, which have air-filled tyres instead of normal wheels. With that you can drive over most surfaces. This is also better for your dog, because the pure asphalt at this speed is not good for the paws and joints. Therefore, it is better to look for forest paths or country roads.

Heavy duty pulling harnesses for Skatejoring

The pulling harness has a loop or a metal ring at the rear end on which you attach the joring line. The pulling point is as far back as possible, almost exactly at the base of the tail. That way your dog won't be burdened. Have you ever used two or three dogs? They all need high quality harnesses. Such a group trip is a great experience. Connect the collars to a so-called neckline to keep the animals on track. It would be too bad if they run in two different directions. This is also not without danger for you and possible passers-by.