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Mountainboard Pulling Harnesses

Pulling Harnesses for Mountainboard
You miss your snowboard in summer? Then try Mountainboard Joring. This great dog joring sport really gets you and your four-legged friend on speed. You will need a hip belt (also called a joring belt), a joring line and a good pulling harness for your dog.

High quality harnesses for Mountainboard Joring

Dog pulling harnesses look a little different from the normal dog harnesses you can buy in local shops. Take a closer look at our models. They keep the back and neck free so that the dog can breathe freely. This is important, because the strain on the Mountainboard Joring is enormous: The dog runs at high speed and pulls you on the board behind him. The joring line is attached to a ring or a loop at the end of the harness. The strong forces are transferred to the dog through the sides so that he does not feel any pressure on the chest, neck or back. Modern mushing harnesses do an important job so that both of you can do your sport with pleasure.

Sport with several dogs

Mountainboard Joring is of course also possible with two or three dogs. There are special leashes with several ends. You will find the leashes and other accessories as well as high-quality pulling harnesses.