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Mountainboard Mushing Belt

Mushing Belt for Mountainboard
If you practice Mountainboard Joring, a mushing belt is recommended. Of course, it is not the only thing you need for this dog joring sport. You need a joring line and a good pulling harness for your dog. Furthermore, your dog should be fully grown and weigh at least 20 kilograms, otherwise the effort of pulling is too much for him.

Mountainboard Joring with the matching mushing belt

The harness, the belt and the leash are a complete set for one of the most beautiful sports with your quadruped. However, you should also wear a helmet to increase safety. The line has a shock absorber that absorbs strong impacts. This reduces the pressure on your joring belt. The force is then deflected to the sides so that you are not strained in the lower back.

Doing sports together

Your dog just loves being with you. Of course you can only go for a walk with him, but your dog also enjoys adventures. Mountainboard Joring is an exciting thing: your sweetheart pulls you while you stand on a stable board. This is much more all-terrain than a skateboard, and you can use it in almost any season. Just try it out!