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Mountainboard Joring Set

Mountainboard Joring Set
There are three parts included in a Mountainboard Joring Set: a hip belt for you, a mushing harness for your dog and a long leash that connects you two. Of course, this is a particularly robust equipment that can withstand the strong forces that act on you when you do Mountainboard Joring. All parts can simply be wiped or rinsed off with a damp cloth if necessary.

The Mountainboard Joring Set for a strong team

Your dog just wants to be with you and follows you everywhere. A full-grown, at least 20 kilograms heavy and healthy dog is able to pull you strongly on wheels. Your Mountainboard evolves completely new speeds. You just have to try that! However, we recommend a good Mountainboard Joring Set, so that you can have fun on a safe basis. Therefore we recommend an additional helmet for you.

The right equipment

The suitable harness for your dog allows plenty of space to breathe. Please do not use a regular everyday harness. It does not meet the demands of this sport. Your hip belt can be adjusted and sits comfortably where it belongs: on your hips. It does not slip or squeeze. Now attach the long tow line and the adventure can begin!