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Running is boring? Biking for philistines?If instead you are all day on your mountain board on the go while your dog trots beside you, an exciting sport so far has escaped your attention. Mountainboard joring is the new trend that you should not miss!

Good pulling harness is for mountainboard joring necessary

Grab your mountain board, your dog, a harness and a pull line and off you go into the woods or on dirt roads. Here you can let your dog pull you and assist him if necessary. The equipment plays an important role in this sport. You will probably already have a mountain board. Next, you need a good harness for your dog. Under no circumstances use non sport equipment from ordinary pet stores. Your four-legged friend needs a sports harness with good pressure distribution so that his chest is not constricted. Well fitted, he can run splendidly without getting any pressure or chafing.

Avoid asphalt

If you are formerly had your fun with your mountain board on the road, stairs and board stone edges, you should now change the terrain. Having your dog run long distances on asphalt would be a huge strain on your and his joints. Premature wear resulting in pain may be the result. Also for this reason, your dog should be mature. Strenuous exercise started too early, results in negative effects on the skeleton. Use dirt roads or gravel tracks to try out mountainboard joring. If the path is relatively soft, it may be necessary for you to help your dog, since the board will be difficult to draw.

Of course your four-legged friend should not be too small to have this fun. At 20 kg and above, he will be strong enough to pull you. Under no circumstances should the leash slack during the run! You may risk a major accident. Keep the leash tight instead, since it has a shock absorber, impacts are absorbed, making the running for both parties more enjoyable.

Getting started with a mountain board

If your dog adheres to the commands "forward", "right", "left" and "stop", nothing stands in the way of mutual fun. Every beginning is difficult. Especially in the first attempts, your dog will not be used to suddenly pull your weight. You are asking him to go against your former habits. Get a helper to call the dog while you are standing on the board. In the first attempts the load on the harness should be low. Otherwise the confused dog will start looking for you. Soon your clever friend learns to pull the board. From now on he will link the application of the harness with an exciting trip and will be happy when you fetch out the mountain board.