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Tow Lines for Kickspark dog joring sport

Kickspark Kicksled Tow Lines
The Kickspark kick sled is a great variant of the sports equipment used in dog sledding. You are definitely faster with it than on foot, which makes your dog very happy. If you let your quadruped pull the sled, you both have a real adventure ahead of you. Pulling the Kickspark is great fun with good tow lines. The matching tow lines are available here in our shop.

Joring lines suitable for kick sled

You attach it to the thick tube of the front bar. To be on the safe side, you can connect an antenna to keep the line away from the runners. This way you reduce the danger of running over the leash with the kick sled. The principle is similar to that of bikejoring. You also work here with a very good joring line and an antenna.

Safely on the snow

This dog joring sport is a variant for the snow. For the dogs we offer dog boots, so that they do not hurt themselves in harsh places. No more ice lumps can accumulate between the bales. Remember to harness only a full-grown dog in front of the sled. It's also good if he already knows a few commands.