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Kickspark Pulling Harnesses

Kicksled Pulling Harnesses
With Kickspark we mean a kicksled, which is lightweight and usually made of aluminium. In any case, that's the way it should be if you want to use it in the dogsledding sport. It's fun to kick yourself, but the vehicle gets even faster if you put your dog in front of it. Of course you can also work with two or three dogs.

Pulling harnesses for your Kickspark trip

Good pulling harnesses are a must. Your dog needs a special harness that can withstand the strong forces in the long run. It must give the dog freedom to move. Our harnesses are very light, but robust, they can withstand a lot. Such a harness also gives the chest and neck space so that your dog can breathe completely freely. The straps fit tightly, but they do not squeeze. Your dog won't feel it.

Provisions and water for the breaks

You can also combine your trip with a light joring belt. It doesn't weigh much and you can store water and treats. We wish you a lot of fun with the Kickspark.