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Kickspark Bike Antenna

Kickspark Kicksled Bikeantenna
The antenna for the Kickspark is a very special one; this is due to the unusual shape of the vehicle. Do you know these attractive kicksleds with their two long runners and the strongly forward bent handlebar? They are sleek and fast, especially when pulled by your dog.

The kicksled and the right equipment

For this dog joring sport you need a good equipment. Your four-legged friend should wear a light but solid mushing harness. Please do not use regular everyday harnesses. They are not suitable for this type of activity. You need a special harness that fits tight but does not strangle; it leaves room to breathe, relieving the neck and back. If you want to take some provisions with you, you can use a trekking belt with storage compartments. You can also get this from us in our shop.

The antenna at the Kickspark

The tow line (that is also called joring line) is attached at the front to the wide bulge of the linkage. We also recommend the use of an antenna. This is a device that leads the line horizontally further forward so that you do not accidentally drive over it. This could happen if your dog slows down and the line slackens. We also have leashes for several dogs.

If you have any questions about this great sport opportunity Kickspark, please contact us.