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Dog Joring Kickspark

Kickspark dog sleds: sporting sleds for speedy tours

Looking for the ultimate winter sport for you and your dog? The Kickspark - a sportier version of a kicksled - may be just what you need. You can let your four-legged friend pull a Kickspark like a dog sled while helping him along by pushing with your foot. Before you set off on a trip, your dog should already have learned to pull you and you should have taught it the necessary commands - then you will be ready to have fun when you’re gliding through the woods or fields.

The Kickspark can be pushed forwards by leaving one leg on the sled and pushing with the other. The sturdy handle is very durable and you will be able to travel at quite a speed. If you take your snow-loving dog on a long tour, it will get easily enough exercise for the day - and you will too!

An absolute dream: Riding a dog sled through the snow

Your pet will need a pulling harness with a shock absorber to attach it to the Kickspark. This exciting snowsport is perfect for strong dogs. The Kickspark offers several safety features. A so-called antenna helps you to keep the approximately 2.5 metre lead at the correct height, so that you don’t accidentally ride over it with the sled. An easy-to-use claw brake can be easily mounted on the Kickspark so that you can stop immediately if your dog suddenly stops moving, or slow the sled down if you’re going downhill. Extra-wide snow runners are also available for the sled which let you ride smoothly even if there isn’t so much snow. If you also ride over icy patches with your Kickspark, we recommend using spiked shoes - but please note that travelling over ice will be trickier for your dog. Take good care of your pet when moving over ice or densely-packed snow and always remember to take some paw ointment with you. A well-protected dog will have endless fun with this sport. And don't forget to protect your head by wearing a helmet!