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Dogtrekking Trekking Belt

Dog Trekking Belt
Dog trekking is a sport with dogs, where you both cover long distances. Breaks are therefore indispensable. You can order a suitable trekking belt for yourself, in which you pack a water bottle and other small things. For your quadruped you choose a good pulling harness on the one hand, and a small rucksack on the other hand, which does not burden the dog any further. There's room for your best friend's water and some treats.

More fun with the right equipment

If it's cross-country and over hill and dale, perhaps dog boots and a paw ointment are also advisable. The long running strains the paws of your dog. It is self-understood that you should wear first-class shoes for the same reason (due to the high physical strain).

On tour with a compatible trekking belt

Dog trekking is becoming more and more popular. A normal walk or a hike with dogs becomes a trekking tour of the highest quality. It challenges you a little bit more: The trekking belt serves as a holder for the joring line that connects you both. Through this connection you will be faster on the trail than before. You have both hands free, an important difference to your previous activities with dog. Just try out the gorgeous experience! We are happy to advise you.