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Dogtrekking Pulling Harnesses

Dog Trekking Pulling Harnesses
Are you an active fan of dog trekking? Or would you like to do this sport for the first time? In both cases you need the right equipment for you and your dog. This dog joring sport is becoming more and more popular and is already very popular in some European countries. Perhaps you would like to take part in a group hike up the mountain? But you can also take it slower, not everyone wants to cover most of the way uphill. The routes can also be planned on hiking trails in flat terrain. Our excellent dog trekking harnesses will help your dog and you to have fun. You will find robust harnesses in suitable sizes for all dogs.

For long trekking routes the right dog pulling harness

In dog trekking, long distances are usually covered. In the group there are usually rules what you have to have with you in detail. The best harnesses for the dogs should be a matter of course. The principle of the equipment is similar to that of other joring sports with dogs: your beloved dog gets an excellently fitting dog trekking harness with a two-metre long joring leash (with shock absorber) snapped into its end piece. The other end is attached to your hip belt.

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