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Dogtrekking Set for hiking and walking

Dogtrekking Set
Dog trekking is also a part of dog joring. You will cover long distances with your dog. It is a variation of hiking or walking, depending on your mood. We have a dog trekking set ready for you where you have your hands free. Your best friend gets some work and is very happy when you are out with him in this way.

Dog trekking with 2 dogs

If you are on the move with two dogs, we also offer you the right leashes. They have two sturdy snap hooks which are snapped into the harnesses. The other end is connected to your hip belt. To keep 2 dogs on track, it is best to use an additional neckline. It connects the dogs at the collars and ensures that they do not run in different directions. That's the best way to get ahead with two four-legged friends.

Perfectly equipped

It is much more pleasant to move your arms to your gait in a natural rhythm than to hold a leash in your hand. The dog trekking set includes a hip belt for you, a harness for your quadruped and a long joring line.