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Dogtrekking offers you excellent opportunities

Dog Joring Dogtrekking
What could be better than to walk with your dog in the wilderness. Frequently however, rather a juxtaposition than a coexistence occurs. If you have been happy watching your dog exploring fields, meadows and paths with nose, eyes and ears, it is now time to team up. Dogtrekking offers you excellent opportunities to keep yourself and your dog occupied and to deepen your relationship.

Trek long distances together

Dogtrekking generally means Dog distance hiking. It is not about walking half an hour in the mountains, but to travel long distances in nature. Especially in Austria, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, this sport is very popular and regular competitions are held, comparable to orienteering. It is called dogtrekking if at official distances are between 40 and 120 kilometers long. Of course you should not attempt tomorrow a hike of 60 km with your dog in one stretch. Your pet needs to get used to strain to the heart, muscles and joints at such distances. Depending on the condition and age of the animal, it is therefore important that you start slowly and increase the pace piece by piece. Are you unsure if your pet is fit enough, let him check by your vet.

Dog Trekking equipment for the dog

Is your four-legged pet mature and healthy, nothing stands against this sport. His size does not matter, if he is having fun in the joint activity. Wearing a sports harness connected by a leash with shock absorber to your waist belt, he can move around freely and securely. The dog runs ahead and has the task to scout your way. If he is strong enough, you can transfer him another task: With a special dog backpack, he carries water bottles, his food or other items that are not too heavy. Use high quality equipment. It is important that your faithful friend is wearing a good harness that optimally distributes the strain and fits well. Additional straps must also have an ideal fit. Quality hiking boots with a rough profile are important to you. Breathing hiking clothing fitting to the weather makes sense to start with, but not necessary for short distances.

Hiking equipment for the master

Are you hiking longer and even stay outdoors over night, you need a trekking backpack. Get good advise in buying a backpack fitting to your body. A sleeping bag, sleeping pad, water and food for you and your dog, a map, a first-aid kit and a flashlight are a must. If you want it more comfortable, you additionally need a tent. This sport offers you the opportunity get to now your home and vacation area in a new way. When you have spent a night with your dog under the stars, you will notice how your feeling of solidarity grows and you will become more of a team.