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Dog Scootering Tow Lines

Dogscootering Tow Lines
Like all dog joring sports, dog scootering requires very specific leashes. These are tow lines, also called joring leashes. They ensure that the connection between the dog and its owner, including the vehicle, functions optimally.

Dog scootering: on the trail with the right joring line

Such a joring leash has a sturdy carabiner. It is also longer than normal dog leashes. Each model is equipped with a shock absorber so that the dogs' strong pulling movements are cushioned. Your scooter runs much quieter and you have better control over it. You also feel it much less when your dog starts pulling. We also have models for two or three dogs.

Durable joring leashes

Our leashes are tear-resistant, robust and easy to clean. A rapid ride generates a high pressure that must be compensated for. Your dog wears a high-quality mushing harness, the pressure spreads over the sides of the harness to the back and the leash cushions him. We also recommend a bike antenna, as used for dog scootering and bikejoring. The joring leashes do not therefore drag on the floor.