Dog Scootering Paw ointment

Paw ointment
Dogs that are out a lot need good paw care. This is true for walks and hikes, but especially for dog scootering and other types of dog joring. If it goes over stick and stone and the dogs run a lot, some little stones can get caught in their paws. Dirt and mud are also a problem in bad weather. In winter the dog has to struggle with road salt and grit.

Paw care for high-speed dog scootering excursions

Besides thorough cleaning, paw care also includes a high-quality paw ointment. It protects the bales and heals minor wounds. Its high moisture content is pleasant and the skin can breathe despite the applied ointment.

Paw care and protection with dog boots

Another way to protect your dog during dogscootering is to wear dog boots. They are available in all sizes. Your quadruped will quickly get used to it, and you will recognize that his paws cause less problems. The outsole has a lot of grip, so that the dog can pull very well. Additional reflectors ensure that you can see your dog in lower lights. Maybe your best friend needs also dog socks for use at home. Try out the great paw ointment. Surely you both will have much more fun with dog scootering.

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