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Dog Scootering Helmets

Dogscootering Helmets
Dog scootering is a variation of the dog joring sport with bike and dog. Instead of a bicycle you use a scooter, which has a large wheel in front and a small wheel in the back. You can shift your weight on the large tread in the middle. As things get to the point so fast, you should never ride without a helmet.

Fast-paced - but only with a helmet

This beautiful form of mushing (from musher = dog sled leader) challenges you even more than the variant with the bicycle. Your centre of gravity is much lower. You can also shift your weight further down and back in the curves to achieve even higher speeds.

Safely through the competition with a helmet

It should be clear to everyone that there is a certain risk of falling during such a race. Therefore the helmet is an important part of the equipment. We also recommend the Panic Snap, a quick-release fastener that separates your vehicle from the pulling dogs in critical situations in no time at all. Dog scootering is as much fun for the dog as it is for you. You can do the sport with only one dog or with two or three four-legged friends. Put your helmet on and off you go!