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Scooters are already no longer only sports equipment with which young children are on the go. Even for adults who want a sporty machine, there are models. However, instead of always being alone on the road, dog owners can use it to operate dog scootering.

The health of the dog

This is a sport where your dog pulls you in your scooter. As you probably can imagine, it means for your dog much fun to exhaust himself, but it is also a physical strain. Your dog should be completely grown up, because otherwise his joints and muscle fibers would suffer. He also must have enough strength to pull you. 15 to 20 kg of dog body weight is sufficient. Your dog must also be healthy; if you are unsure, it is useful to have a veterinarian examine the animal ahead of your first ride. Of course, your dog does not have to drag you and the scooter on his own; especially in the beginning you can help him. Nevertheless, he needs a certain fitness at start, which will expand over time.

Equipment when Dogscootering

The scooter needs a bike antenna through which a pull cable is held at a distance. This prevents that it from being entangled to the handlebar and you from being dragged down. A shock absorber is recommended when towing rope so that jerks are compensated - racing and driving becomes much more pleasant for human and animal. A high-quality harness is absolutely necessary. This must be a special sports harness; with inferior products the pressure points are wrongly placed, leading to a heavy load. If it is not properly adjusted, it can also lead to chafing; your dog will then quickly get tired of being on the road with the scooter. In contrast to the bikejoring, wherein the dog pulls a bicycle, in dogscootering the center of gravity is significantly lower. This has the advantage that you will feel much safer. This way cutting curves makes it so much more fun and with some practice you won't hardly ever crash. Dogscootering can be done all year round. Even in winter with light snow you may use your scooter. However, you then need studded tires, so that you will not slide.

Courses for Beginners

How intensly you use your scooter is completely up to you. Some dog owners passionately go with it every day. Others use their scooters only for a long ride on the weekend. It is important in any case that the dog is initially not overloaded. When your dog is used to walks at your normal speed, now there is a significant difference for him to pull you at increased speed. The distances should still be small at the beginning and only slowly be increased. Do you already have a scooter at home, but do not know how you should move your faithful companion to pull you? No problem, the community of dogscooter users is growing steadily and in many cities courses for dog scootering are offered.