Canicross Paw Ointment

Paw Ointment
Canicross is a cross-country run with a dog, a form of jogging at a high level and at high speed. This dog joring sport was born like all the others from the sled dog race. The advantage of Canicross runs is that they can be operated at almost any time of year. However, it should not be too hot at this high speed.

Paw care after every Canicross run

It goes without saying that good paw care for your dog is essential if you practice Canicross intensively. You protect your feet with good shoes - your dog can also wear boots. We offer high-quality dog boots in sets of two or four. These shoes fit perfectly and your friend will soon get used to them. They have a grip sole, so that you can run over hill and dale with your quadruped. He'll like it.

Paw ointment as important protection

To the dogs paw care belongs a valuable paw ointment. It is rich in moisture, can be applied very well and consists of the best ingredients. The skin can breathe while smaller cracks are already healing. Order four dog socks to further protect your paws at home!

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