Bikejoring Paw ointment

Paw ointment
Bikejoring paw care for healthy paws - Dogs that spend a lot of time on fast trails need careful paw care. If you do bikejoring, your dog will be challenged. The quadruped will be happy to run ahead and sprint with you across woods and meadows. The paws are very strained in this type of dog joring sport. They get wet and dirty. Above all, they have to cope with rough surfaces.

Bikejoring paw care and protection

On forest ways there are stones and wooden pieces, on field paths perhaps gravel and fine grit. This is the one that sticks to your dog's sensitive paws and must be removed carefully. You can do paw care in different ways. How about dog boots? They are the first protection for the strained bales of your four-legged friend. Your dog will quickly get used to running with his bikejoring boots. He will soon notice that the paws feel much more comfortable. You minimize the risk of injury enormously, especially if you are on many rough surfaces.

Paw ointment always at hand

As a preventive treatment, you should have a good paw ointment at home. Just as you would take care of your own feet if you jog or walk a lot, the care of your dog should be a matter of course. We wish you a lot of fun with bikejoring!

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