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Pure meat sausages: Steakhouse at home!

Sausages are a favorite dish of all dogs. With the Steakhouse pure meat sausages from MeatLove even dogs with certain nutritional regulations can cheer. The sausages are, as the name suggests, made of pure meat. This is specially selected, gently cooked in its natural state and filled into ecological sausage casings as wet food. You can give it to your dog occasionally as complete food or you mix it together with the great vitamin bombs from MeatLove. Oatmeal and vegetables can also be added. These delicious sausages weigh 600 grams each and can also be fed as part of an exclusion diet. The pure meat sausages are also ideal as a BARF alternative for on the go.

Six delicious varieties

What flavour does your sweetheart love? The Steakhouse pure meat sausages are available in six delicious sorts: buffalo, duck, poultry, horse, game and goat. The pure meat also contains important heart muscle pieces that give your four-legged friend a lot of strength. Like our food, the sausages are prepared with the utmost care. Your dog will like the pure meat so much, he will probably ask for it again. How good that you can come up with a different flavor over and over again. But maybe your four-legged friend will choose from another favourite sort.

With the Steakhouse pure meat line from MeatLove your dog receives important proteins, fats, raw ash and fibres. In addition, it has a very high moisture content. Of course, all sausages are free of synthetic dyes and flavorings as well as artificial vitamins.