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FUEL of MeatLove: the natural, original food from the Stone Age for even more culinary delights

MeatLove FUEL - Nutrition Concept PALEO
Dogs also have their problems, for example with their intestines or skin. This is why MeatLove is breaking new ground with its FUEL range, true to the motto - "the natural, original food from the Stone Age for even more culinary delights". Dog food based on the Paleo principle is based on individual solutions and is based on a nutrition that we also know from our own kitchens.

Grain and many carbohydrates are strictly avoided. Everything that was once eaten in the caves of our ancestors, however, is added to the food: Meat, fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts. Wolves once appreciated unsaturated fatty acids and high-quality proteins, vitamins and minerals. The natural, original food from the Stone Age had no synthetic flavours or other substances, is good for our dogs and alleviates their problems.

Dog food according to the Paleo principle

MeatLove food pyramid
The dog food according to the Paleo principle is therefore based on a diet that is already successfully used by many people worldwide. It is a special meal, which should now also benefit the particularly sensitive dogs. Your dog gets everything he needs. The dog wet food FUEL as well as Barf and the snacks are an individual functional food for dogs suffering from various disorders. In addition, there is a dry food based on freeze-dried meat. For the first time, MeatLove is offering a line of sole foods aimed at dog owners whose dogs have special needs. In detail, MeatLove offers these programs:

"Hair & Skin" is particularly suitable for dogs with skin and coat problems.
"Happy End" is the best solution for all intestinal problems.
„Immun-Booster“ is a real vitamin bomb and strengthens the immune system.
„Longlife“ offers with fish, seafood and superfruits an anti-aging diet including perfect iodine supply.
"Slimfit" contains lean and hypoallergenic kangaroo meat, it is particularly low in calories and digestible.
„Vitalizer“ is revitalizing with its wide range of ingredients and provides an extra kick of energy.

All types, including the particularly popular dog food FUEL, are an individual functional food for dogs. If you consistently pay attention to the nutrition of your sensitive four-legged friend, you will find out how well the respective food gets to him. If you have any questions about this new program of MeatLove, just write us an email. We will be happy to advise you.