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Running belt

Joggers with dogs can be seen more often. Some have the dog on a leash, others let the four-legged friend run free. With a leash in your hand you are less mobile and have to cushion the pull of your dog on only one side. If you use a running harness, you will quickly rehearse this form of movement with your darling, then both of you will have much more pleasure in such a run.

More running pleasure with your dog through running belts

Running with your four-legged friend is part of everyday life for many dog owners. Occasionally, you may see runners wearing a running belt: A running belt is a waist belt that you can adjust to fit you ideally for jogging, and does not restrict your mobility at all. This belt has a ring or a guide rope in the front, in which the leash is attached. So you have both hands free. (We also present special pulling leashes for pulling dog sports on our pages). The other end of the leash is attached to the dog's harness. Do not use dog collars, but special harnesses that distribute the pull properly and guide it over the sides to the back. This way you can get a good start right away. The pull on your body is also distributed comfortably and is easy on your lower back. Take a close look at our running belt range.