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Dog equipment

The more sporty you are with your dog, the more accessories you need. With the right dog equipment, you both will not only enjoy a walk, but also a longer tour. Some animals become companions for special sports hobbies - we also offer the right support for this. Browse among the hiking leashes, find the right dog harness for hiking or the royal class among the harnesses, the climbing harness for dogs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly. Our experienced professionals will be happy to help you.

Dogs do not want to stay alone at home; and you do not want to go out of the house without your dog if possible. So, it is necessary that your dog abides by some rules and both of you build a deep trust relationship depending on the venture. Then your four-legged friend will be up for almost anything. You're sure to always have a few treats with you to reward him and get him excited about your further plans.

Practical helpers

For example, you can take a short dog leash with you on a walk. This way you can combine a short excursion with a discipline task. Longer walking leashes give your four-legged friend more opportunities to sniff and poke around to the right and left of the path. Our coupling leashes for two dogs are the best way to avoid having two separate leashes. These often get tangled and you get into trouble when each animal wants to go somewhere else. Also, long leashes often collide with other walkers and possibly - especially dangerous - with cyclists.

Dog harnesses for sports

It becomes more sporty on a jogging tour. Among other things, you will find special jogging leashes for dogs, which you can optionally tie around your waist. The leash is connected to your four-legged friend, who runs cheerfully in front of or next to you. The joint motivation gives you additional incentive and even makes you faster. Above all, you have both arms free.

Is your four-legged friend an adventurer?

Then take him with you on a mountain, hiking or climbing tour. Breakout-proof dog harnesses, climbing harnesses or other dog harnesses from our assortment allow you to help your dog on difficult stages or even to rope him down. What an experience! In any case, your four-legged friend needs carefully selected dog equipment. On long hikes you strap a dog backpack around him and in the car you secure him with a special dog harness for the car. So nothing stands in the way of your tours!