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Ruffwear travel bowls for dogs

Ruffwear Travel Dog Bowls
The both of you are on the road a lot and like to carry lightweight luggage with you? In this case, foldable Ruffwear travel bowls are the perfect supplement. They weigh almost nothing, can be easily folded out and prove to be waterproof. You need a travel bowl for water and a second one for dog food.

Ruffwear travel bowls: travel with lightweight luggage

The feeder to go is the perfect supplement. This way, you can easily portion dry food. If the bag tumbles down during the drive, it cannot fall apart. All the food will be saved in its inside. When time is the essence, your dog will be able to directly eat from the feeder, though it will be much more delicious going with one of the beautiful Ruffwear travel bowls.

Easy to clean and sturdy

The material is washable and proves to be highly sturdy. It can hold out against the teeth of a puppy, if they like to play with it in an unobserved moment – they probably should not, but you will not always notice it right away to talk him out of the fun. You will see, the both of you are going to have a lot of fun, when you are on the road. We also recommend you to take an extra flask of water with you – one for your dog and one for you.