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Ruffwear leashes for jogging with your dog

Ruffwear Running Line
Outdoor activities are the most fun, if you own the proper equipment. Ruffwear leashes for jogging with your dog equips the both of you perfectly, an abdominal belt and a harness are an alternative that offer you another great solution. Dogs love to run – just as you do? A regular leash is cumbersome in most of the cases, since it is hand-held. Ruffwear leashes for running enable you to keep your hands free. This way, you can keep your arms swing loosely by your side – just as you are used to do.

Ruffwear leashes for the perfect training

You can train your dog ‘s walking behaviour. They can run in front of you or beside you, this way the Ruffwear jogging leash does not get dragged onto the ground. This way, the both of you feel comfortable and you are still able to control your dog. Ruffwear’s product range has different leashes, abdominal belts and harnesses available that offer you a perfect flow. The abdominal belt with small bags is perfect for longer tours. You can store treats for your sweetheart in it, alongside other bits and bobs. A cushioned waist belt prevents back and waist from damage. We recommend Ruffwear leashes for running that include Traffic Control, if the both of you use to cross roads often. Traffic Control is a short strap that enables you to keep your dog in a steady and safe grip. We also have an extra belt in stock that is suitable for two dogs. Your four-legged friend’s harness should be comfortable, skid-proof and escape-proof. You can safely attach the Ruffwear leashes for running to the harness.