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Ruffwear hiking leashes for dogs

Ruffwear Hiking Leashes
Your dog is not always allowed to walk off-leash outdoors. In some regions dog owners have an obligation to obey the regional leash law. Additionally, you might want to train your dog. Ruffwear hiking leashes are just made for these purposes.

Ruffwear hiking leashes: for walks and active sports

How about a Ruffwear hiking leash for your walking rounds? It can be irritating to have to hold the leash in your hand all the time. In order to be able to swing your arms to the rhythm of your steps, you need to have your hands free. Try out our Ruffwear hiking leashes – most of the models can be adjusted to be worn around the hip. The American manufacturer is your specialist for heavy-duty, pretty and practical equipment for sports with your darling pet. An information aside: besides hiking leashes we offer many other extra products by Ruffwear in our range.

Suitable hiking leashes for tours

A hip belt is comfortable and perfect for extensive trekking tours. The longer leash gets clicked to your dog’s harness, as well as to the hip belt. The leash should be tight, so that your dog is able to feel your presence and thus knows, that he is on the right track. At the same time, the leash absorbs the shock and relieves your back. All leashes can as well be used for normal walks.

Try out the Ruffwear hiking leash that suits the both of you the most! We love to advise you on that.