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Ruffwear rain coats for dogs

Ruffwear Dog Rain Coats
Most dogs do not mind soft and warm sommer rains. But if the weather becomes rougher, also rain drops come with cold. Additionally, rain is at many times accompanied by wind. In these cases, Ruffwear rain coats become the perfect companion for your four-legged friend.

Ruffwear rain coats protect from humidity

Many dog races have been breeded to have less undercoat. This way, the pets miss their ancestors natural protection, who, of course, have done it without special dog coats. But some of our beloved four-legged friends suffer from arthrosis, rheumatism and other possible pain. Sometimes, your dog catches a cold or has just overcome a sickness. A cold rainfall would be a good reason to stay at home. Equipped with a rain coat by Ruffwear, you will not have to miss on your beautiful walks. It might become shorter than elsewise, but you do not have to keep yourself away from it! Even then, when you are accompanied by continuous rain, you do not have to cancel your walks. You can dry your dog afterwards, treat himself with dog treats and some warm hours by his haunt. Ruffwear rain coats are truly a perfect support.

Multifarious coats

Each dog coat has its advantages. Alongside special rain coats, you can use a winter coat on cold days. Or you use a scratchproof dog coat for your agile pet. In the best case, you hold a rain coat by Ruffwear and one or two alternatives ready. This way, you will be perfectly equipped for each weather type.