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Ruffwear Cooling Vest for dogs

Ruffwear Dog Cooling Vest
Dogs are not able to sweat properly, they need to regulate they temperature by panting. Hot sun light and physical activity increases the heat of the dog’s body, just as it makes us feel hot. But since we are able to sweat and dogs not, your four-legged friend is in danger of overheating. The vests help you combat that problem. You do not want to miss outdoor fun on hot days? Ruffwear cooling vests are the perfect solution. They pass the coolness of the mid layer, this is where the water is saved. The outer layer deflects the heat and supports the evaporation. Additionally, the vest reflects the sun light and reduces the solar irradiation.

Ruffwear cooling vests – easy to handle

Ruffwear cooling vests are easy to handle. You have to wet them, wring them out and put them on your dog. Cooling vests are the perfect fit, if you want to cool your dog sufficiently. Their handling matches the handling of the cooling jacket but they have a larger cut and cover the whole back. Both models provide your dog with a lot of mobility. They are available in different sizes, as measured by the widest area of the dog’s chest. If you want to only use a cooling protector for waist and chest instead of the Ruffwear cooling vest, you can attach it to the Ruffwear Web Master Harness or a Ruffwear bag pack. The different cooling elements equip your dog for all solar altitudes.