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Tow Lines by Non-Stop Dogwear

Non-Stop Dogwear Tow Lines
Dog leashes for dogsled sports go by the name of joring leashes. The term joring describes all those kinds of sports that include you being pulled by one or several dogs via sled leash. The Norwegian producers of Non-Stop Dogwear have developed special leashes that are suitable for dogsled sports like bikejoring and dogscooting.

Non-Stop Dogwear tow lines for everyday’s use

Racy kinds of sports provide you with a proper adrenaline rush and lots of fun. Your quadruped supports that opinion. Just as much as you, he needs the right equipment to be able to be adventurous. Proper leashes are just a part of it. Our choice contains short and long models. Each leash has its advantages and is suitable for different kinds of sports. If you are training alongside two dogs, you should choose the longer version as well as the Non-stop Dogwear double leash which you can attach to two dogs. If your dogs like to run from each other, you should try a cross-link neck leash that keeps your agile racers together.

Solid and flexible

Non-Stop Dogwear tow lines have been manufactured from durable and flexible materials. They prove to be robust, water-proof and equipped with a strong cushioning. The clipper is designed in a very light manner and does not trouble the dogs at all.