Pulling Harnesses by Non-Stop Dogwear

Non-Stop Dogwear Harnesses
Non-Stop Dogwear pulling harnesses have been created by professionals for professionals and amateur athletes. If you are on track having your dog equipped with those, you can rely on a first-class quality that has been tested extensively. A dog who faces a wrong straining due to the wrong harness, soon runs out of energy and the desire to go on a racy walk. Not to mention the damage dealt to your dog by not equipping him with a proper harness.

Non-Stop Dogwear pulling harnesses for professional dogsled sports

Non-Stop Dogwear sled harnesses have been made for different dog body types and thus are available in many sizes. There are models that suit the typical sled dog body type and there are ones for all other kinds of races. Some models offer you x-formed back straps, others h-formed ones. In both cases, the neck stays free, your dog can breathe without any difficulty. The harnesses also enable a free course of movement for your dog.

Good setting options

For such harnesses that have been construed to enable a sporty speed, it is important to adjust them to the dog in a proper manner. With these models, the optimum point of pull lies at the lip of the rod. If you have ordered the perfect size that fits your dog’s body and collar size, you also need to accurately attach the Non-Stop Dogwear pulling harness. We will be happy to support you with that!

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