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Mushing Belts by Non-Stop Dogwear

Non-Stop Dogwear Mushing Belts
You should order a Non-Stop Dogwear joring belt, if you use to be out and about with your dogs for a longer period, as well if you are practicing dogsled sports. It helps you keep your hands free. You will be able to walk within your pace, hands loosely swinging by your side. That prevents an incorrect weightbearing of hands, shoulders and the back. When it comes to dogsled sports, the belt is a necessary must-have.

Non-Stop Dogwear joring belts for easygoing tours

Such a belt proves to be light, practical and solid. Norwegian manufacturer Non-Stop Dogwear uses to test all their products thoroughly. The principle stays the same for each model: You allocate the belt around the hip and attach the leash either to the front ring or to a hook, depending on the respective model. The other side of the leash gets clinked into the harness of your four-legged friend. Remember to order a good harness. Collars are a rather bad choice for ventures like that. It otherwise can cause incorrect weightbearing for your dog, especially if you are on a speedy track. We also offer proper leashes and sled harnesses that are suitable for the Non-Stop Dogwear joring leashes.

Light correct fit

It is important that the belt fits well. If it fits well, it does not restrain you and you almost do not feel it. Still it has its great effect: It relieves your back and dispenses your dog’s pull well. If you choose a Non-Stop Dogwear joring belt with a storage shelf, you will be able to wrap some bits and bobs to go into it.