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For 20 years, the Finnish company Kickbike has been selling high-end kick scooters that you can use when you want to get some exercise with your dog. Each scooter is carefully finished; extremely robust and a faithful companion to both man and dog. But Kickbike doesn’t offer just classic Dogscooters in the form of a scooter with two different-size wheels for field and forest trails, but also a whole new generation of skids with the Kickspark range, so you can travel over ice and snow.

To move forwards you push yourself from behind with your foot, and the dog harnessed in front, pulls you faithfully through the snowy landscape. The height of the Kickspark’s handlebar is adjustable, and it’s ideal if your dog likes the cold and won’t stop pestering until he can pull the Dogscooter along with you. Reliability has an important role to play at Kickbike, because each of the scooters and skids has to be easy to steer over quite different types of terrain and have a strong resistance to stress. This ensures that, as the owner of a Dogscooter or Kickspark from this Finnish brand, you and your dog will have a lot of fun.
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