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Gravity Scooters Dog Joring Equipment

The Spanish company Gravity produces practical equipment for dog joring. You can perfectly use it in winter, when you are on track as a musher and follow the snow-covered racing tracks of the Schwarzwald. As well you can use it in summer, when you are out and about in your home forests. The label’s sled leashes are very robust and sturdy. All the articles have been tested in praxis. They are reliable and reveal themselves as real long-dated securities you and your dog should not miss, since they all maintain a solid manufactory.

Safe and reliable

Gravity Scooters equipment guarantees fun and provides you and your dog with necessary security. Security that meets intuitive drives and mellow equipment, as well as the proper bike antenna and sled leashes, enable brilliant dog scooting. Convenience and fun are the main concerns of Gravity Scooters.