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Non-stop dogwear

Non-Stop Dogwear Paw Care, Paw Ointment for Dogs

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    Non-Stop Dogwear Paw Ointment for Healthy Paws

    Non-Stop Dogwear Paw Ointment is ideal for all active dogs with sensitive paws. It consists of purely natural ingredients and is applied to the paws before and after physical activities - if necessary also between the sensitive paw pads. The paw ointment is also an optimal protection for the skin in winter conditions, when slush and road salt put a lot of stress on the paws. With the Non-Stop Dogwear Ointment, dogs that run or hike a lot can also be perfectly treated. Whether on paved roads or on hiking trails with rough surfaces, the ointment forms a natural protection for the sensitive paws for all conditions - and thus a high quality of life for all dogs who like to move.

    Care and healing in one

    Another outstanding feature of Non-Stop Dogwear Paw Ointment is its moisture content, which has a caring and healing effect on the heavily stressed skin of the paws, for example in the case of cracks. At the same time, the skin can breathe and release its own moisture, allowing the dog to regulate its body temperature. Thus, the paw ointment combines care and healing in one. In one tin there are either 50 or 100 ml of paw ointment. The ointment is composed of the following ingredients: Canola oil (organic), Coconut oil (organic), Olive oil (organic), Beeswax, Sunflower oil (organic), Lactoferrin, Calendula (organic), Rosemary oil (organic), Roman Chamomile, Arnica (organic), Limonene (natural products in herbal essential oils), Linalool (natural products in herbal essential oils).

    Key Features
    • Contains only natural ingredients
    • Particularly gentle on dogs' sensitive skin
    • Has been tested with excellent results
    • Can be used all year round
    • High moisture content
    • Water-free formula (therefore remains soft and does not freeze)
    • Combines care and healing in one product
    • Also ideal for applying before and after physical activity
    • Optimal protection and care for dog paws
    • Effective protection in winter conditions with slush and road salt
    • Particularly suitable for active dogs that run or hike a lot
    • Forms an additional protective layer
    • Your dog benefits from a higher quality of life
    • Allows skin to breathe and release body moisture
    • Helps regulate your dog's body temperature
    • Combines care and healing in one product
    • Available in two sizes (50 or 100 ml) depending on your needs

    Rapeseed oil (organic), coconut oil (organic), olive oil (organic), beeswax, sunflower oil (organic), lactoferrin, calendula (organic), rosemary oil (organic), Roman chamomile, arnica (organic), limonene (natural substances in essential herbal oils), linalool (natural substances in essential herbal oils).

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    Non-Stop Dogwear Pfotensalbe für Hunde - Woofshack
    Non-Stop Dogwear Paw Care, Pfotensalbe für Hunde - Woofshack
    Non-Stop Dogwear Paw Care, Pfotensalbe für Hunde - Woofshack
    Non-Stop Dogwear Pfotensalbe für Hunde - Woofshack
    Non-Stop Dogwear Pfotensalbe für Hunde - Woofshack
    Non-Stop Dogwear Pfotensalbe für Hunde - Woofshack
    Non-Stop Dogwear Pfotensalbe für Hunde - Woofshack
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Stastny Alexandra

    Super produkt

    Dänisch Schwedischer Gardhund

    Hochwertige Salbe! Riecht sehr gut und lässt sich prima auftragen. Wurde gern vom Hund akzeptiert.

    Mittelgroße Rassen

    Ober cool.
    Ich verwende es gegen Zecken, schmiere sie damit ein bisschen ein

    Gino and Obi (the border collie)
    Border collie (canicross)

    Great product for my dog who loves running ! Flemish champion canicross short distance 2016.

    Deutsche Schäferhunde

    Salbe sehr empfehlenswert. Wird von Hunden auch rein geruchstechnisch gut angenommen. Auch für Liegeschwielen am Ellenbogen sehr gut geeignet.

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