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ANIBIO vermin environment spray

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Effective protection against vermin with ANIBIO environment spray

ANIBIO vermin environment spray provides immediate and long-term protection against various types of bugs such as fleas, flea larvae, mites and lice. Its unique formula penetrates the parasites through the respiratory tract upon contact and deprives them of moisture, causing them to dry out. In addition, the ingredients in the spray destroy the chitin shell and the protein of the larvae and eggs.

What makes ANIBIO environment spray special is its purely plant-based active ingredient. This makes it suitable for use around young animals or children. However, it is important to use biocidal products carefully and always read the label and product information before use.

Please note: The 1000ml refill bottle is delivered without a spray head!

Key Features
  • Against fleas, mites, lice
  • Also against larvae & eggs
  • Plant-based active ingredients

Use for:

  • Lying areas
  • Home, car, kennels and terrariums
  • For the treatment of sleeping and resting areas
  • In common living areas such as: Carpets, blankets, furniture, seats, sofas and smooth floors.

Sizes: 500ml / 1000ml refill bottle (supplied without spray head)

Labelling according to EU regulation.


Aqua dem., Cetyloctanoate, Oleum Melaleuca alternifolia.

Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

Analytical components
  • Active ingredient: Geraniol 9g/kg

Contains geraniol. May cause allergic reactions. If medical advice is required, have label ready. Dispose of empty container in accordance with local regulations.

BAuA: N-42731

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ANIBIO Ungeziefer Umgebungsspray - Woofshack
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