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Differences between X-Back and H-Back Pulling Harnesses

Anyone wishing to enter the fascinating world of dog joring with his dogs should be well informed about the equipment they need. X-Back Nansen Nome Harness by Non-Stop Dogwear No one wants his dog to feel inconvenience or even pain or injury. The choice of the right pulling harness is very important. We explain you the differences between the two most common mushing harness: X-Back and H-Back harnesses.

X-Back Harness

The classic and certainly the best known among the harnesses is the so-called X-Back harness. It owes its name to the x-shaped back straps, which provide an optimal transmission of force and ideal distribution of the load on the body of the dog. Ensure good padding so that the straps do not pinch during pulling. X-Back harnesses must fit very precisely to the body of the dog. They are designed especially for the physics of typical sled dogs, such as Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. Since they can not be adjusted, the size should be selected very precisely. The neck opening should not incise but should be relatively tight. The end piece of the harness should begin at the root of the tail and the side straps must be located within the costal arch (not behind it). The whole harness should not slip - even in curves.

H-Back Free Motion Harness by Non-Stop Dogwear

H-Back Harness

For all dogs without the typical sled dog shape is the H-Back harness like the Free Motion Harness from Non-Stop Dogwear ideal. This harness is characterized by the H-shape of the back straps. Advantages of the H-Back harness are, above all, the individually adjustable size, whereby it can be adapted to almost every dog. The back straps including the end piece can also be adjusted to the respective back length. The straps on the side can be individually adjusted to the size of the chest. In addition, its special shape allows unrestrained breathing while working, as the airways remain completely free. The perfect balance between power transmission and freedom of movement for the dog has been combined to an innovative mushing harness. The excellent upholstery is also very important.

The H-Back is the ideal option for all dog holders who would like to begin a joring sport with their dogs. Only with the adjustment, when you have no experience at all, you should be assisted by a professional. They are suitable for all dogs whose physique does not correspond to that of the typical sled dog.

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