Swimming Dog Toy Seal by Doog

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Captain Blubber and Lieutenant Flipper

Have fun with the floating dog toy Seal by Doog! Does your dog like to go in the water when you are out and about? Many dogs love to swim and play in the water. Even when it is still much too cold for us humans, our four-legged friends jump enthusiastically into the water and, for example, get a swimming dog toy out of the water. If your friend does not have such a dense coat, you should go home immediately afterwards, where you can rub him dry vigorously. The Australian manufacturer Doog has invented a funny toy for your joint water fun. Captain Blubber and Lieutenant Flipper are the names of the two versions. The male Captain is green, the female Lieutenant pink.

Floats vertically in water

Both parts are aerodynamically shaped like fish, have happy faces painted with dark sunglasses and stand vertically in the water. So they are easy to see even in bigger waves. Your four-legged friend will appreciate a floating dog toy that partially sticks out of the water, and you too can always see it well from the shore. Doog has made it from non-toxic and recyclable EVA foam and TPR rubber. The toy is light and can be thrown well and far due to its shape: a great fun for both of you!
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Swimming Dog Toy Seal by Doog

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