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ANIBIO bog drink for dogs

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The natural solution for healthy digestion

Anibio Bog drink is made from pure natural bog and supports your dog's intestinal function in a completely natural way. It is particularly helpful for impaired intestinal function, flatulence and digestive problems. It has a regulating and calming effect and solidifies your four-legged friend's stools. BARFers will also be delighted with the bog drink. The natural humic acids it contains not only ensure healthy digestion, but can also reduce faecal and waste eating. Simply add to the food and your dog can benefit from the many advantages. ANIBIO bog drink for dogs is available in liquid form and is therefore easy to use. Simply add a portion to your dog's food or drinking water every day and see how his health improves. Convince yourself of the effectiveness of this product and give your best friend a healthy digestion. Order ANIBIO Bog drink for dogs today and ensure that your dog stays healthy and vital.

feeding recommendation

Mix bog drink into the daily feed ration or add to the drinking water.

  • Dogs up to 10 kg: 10 ml daily
  • Dogs up to 30 kg: 20 ml daily
  • Dogs over 30 kg: 30 ml daily
Key Features
  • Straight feeding stuff for dogs
  • Pure natural bog
  • End product from various plants, medicinal herbs, trees and leaves that sank into standing water around 12,000 years ago and matured there into a Valuable organic mass
  • Supports nutritional intestinal activity
  • For impaired bowel function, flatulence and digestive problems
  • Regulates, calms and solidifies faeces
  • Ideal for BARFEN
  • Natural humic acids
  • Can reduce faeces and waste eating
  • Simply pour over the food
  • Liquid

100 % natural bog.

Bog naturally contains e.g. calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. The humic acid content is approx. 20% (total humic acids in the dry substance). These natural active ingredients are of such high quality that no additives need to be added. Animals instinctively like to consume bog drink. (Made from high-quality bog from Austria, authorised in accordance with the SBG. Healing Resources & Health Resorts Act 1997).

A possible unpleasant odour is natural and has no influence on the quality.

Analytical components

Moisture: 95.1%, crude fibre: 1.4%, fat content: 0.1%, ash residue: 1.0%, crude protein: 0.6%.

ANIBIO Moortrunk für Hunde - Woofshack

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