Paw ointment for dogs

Dog Paw ointment
A high-quality paw ointment for dogs provides your pet with healthy pads, it is perfect for regular care – dogs who are a away a lot need special care. This also applies to their fur, as well as to their paws. There are special paw balms for our four-legged friends that will do them good. A paw balm like this can be applied before walks, particularly between the pads. The natural ingredients protect and care for your pet’s health.

Paw ointment for sensitive paws

Many people forget that dog paws are sensitive and need to withstand a lot. The pets use them literally to walk over hill and dale. If you are away with your darling all-year-long, your dog’s paws deal with rocky undergrounds and wet mud. They walk over snow and ice and must withstand road salt. Otherwise, they must deal with hot asphalt and corned sand. You will probably know best about their stresses and strains.

Paw care is important

The way we take care of our own hands and feet is the way we should take care of our dog. A good paw balm helps you prevent painful crack growth. Put some lotion on the paws – before and after the tour.

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