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Dog travel beds for several-days hikes

Dog Travel Beds
Dog travel beds are perfect for short and several-days hikes – modern dog travel beds come with a lot advantages for your darling, thus you should not miss on them on longer tours. Dogs know to appreciate a blanket’s or sleeping bag’s heat, too. These days, our dog races do not use to have the thick fur of their wild ancestors. It is important to provide fitting sleeping accommodations to your pet.

Dog travelling beds to go

The equipment starts in the car. You need a good mat or blanket, so that your dog will feel comfortable. Our mats and blankets are light, the material is sturdy. The surface of the special dog mats and dog travelling beds consists of soft fabrics on which your dog will lie comfortably. The lower surface has a sheet that deflects the ground’s coolness. The matt is thin but thick enough to provide comfortability to your dog, even when the ground is rough. If the ground proves to be colder than expected, extra dog camping mats provide a better protection to your pet.

Light and comfortable travelling beds

The light weight is another advantage. Probably, your dog will be happy to carry their own dog travelling bed. We have fitting dog backpacks in our range available, you can store lighter pieces on the inside. You can purchase miscellaneous dog travelling beds in our shop. Moreover, you will find all kinds of equipment there you can use for diverse tours.