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Throw toys for dogs can be used in the water and onshore

Dog Throw Toys
Go-fetch is probably the most popular game among dogs. But there is not always a sturdy and well grown stick available to start the game. Thus, our fetching toy is essential. The small pieces are handy and long-lasting. They withstand your friend’s sharp teeth and fit into all bags. Maybe you own a dog backpack with which you can transport treats, dog toys and other bits and bobs. Your four-legged friend will love to carry their toys, at the same time they will sustain their mobility. Look to us for advice!

Tempting fetching toy for your dog

Our throw and fetching toy for dogs can be used in the water and onshore. The frisbees’ and swimming elements’ bright signal color is well visible, even at twilight. The material is washable and easy to clean. Your four-legged friend will particularly enjoy the balls, if you fill them with treats that smell temptingly and change the direction in an unforeseeable way, while jumping. Your four-legged friend will chase the ball and need all his creativity to get to the yummy treats. This way, you do not only call him to move but also challenge his intelligence. Dogs do not only need a daily physical training, but also love intellectual challenges. Have fun with our fetching toy!