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Useful car equipment for dogs

Dog Car Equipment
Useful car equipment for dogs – no matter, how much you love your dog: you also love your car. If both come together, there is a lot of mud, saliva and scratch marks. We offer you the fitting car equipment that helps you against that. Two requirements must be met: the car should stay sound and clean, your darling should feel comfortable while travelling. Our equipment is correspondingly wide-cut.

Useful car equipment

Here, you can find soft dog blankets which have a lower surface that is laminated with polyester. This keeps the ground’s coldness away from your darling. You can use camping pads to enhance the protection. The blankets balance the unevenness. You can use them indoors, too. We also offer a fitting dog car seat to make small dogs feel comfortable, as well.

Special bags also belong to our dog car equipment. We also have models with useful bar clip in stock, the clip can widely be opened. This way, you will have everything in view. You can store everything inside it that fits into the shelves, no matter, if dog toy, leash, treats or passport.

Protect your car

Moreover, we offer useful canvas covers and protectors for the inside of your car doors. This dog car equipment is particularly important, if you are outdoors a lot. On a tour over hill and dale, a lot of mud will get into your car. The canvas cover can be unfolded and mounted in just few steps. You can buckle up your dog safely, as it is necessary while travelling.