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Pulling harnesses for dog joring

Dog Joring Pulling Harnesses
Pulling harnesses for dogs must stand a lot, they have to meet different requirements. The dog should sustain his full mobility. The harnesses should fit tightly on the body, but not impend the lungs and respiratory system. The pressure that affects the dog’s body, due to the tense pull, may not strain their muscles or joints. A sled dog harness like this may not rub and must relieve the neck. Our models meet these high standards. The sled harnesses we present bring a lot of fun to dog sled sports.

Sturdy sled harnesses for amazing dog sled sports

Which kind of sport do you like best? The sled harnesses are suitable for bikejoring (sled sport with bicycle, as well as mountain bikes), skatejoring (sled sport with skates) or carnicross (jogging and across-country runs with the dog). The principle stays the same: your dog guides you and you stay behind them. The both of you are connected via a flexible, longer leash. Thus, there is a good reason for clever patent harnesses: they should relieve your four-legged friend, while they are moving and pulling you.

Well visible harnesses

Sled dog sports are a great thing. You can be out and about at twilight, provided you know the route or it is well illuminated, since all harnesses have reflector strips. The sled harnesses are sturdy and perfectly adjustable.