No-Pull harness for dogs

No-Pull Harnesses
Leash-pulling is a bad habit of which your dog is probably liked to let go. You cannot do much about it by simply pulling against it. The dog will pull again, whenever you let go of the tension, even if it is just for a bit. In case, your dog wears a collar, this permanent tension will harm their neck and upper back. It is more useful and efficient to work with an no-pull dog harness to avoid pulling behavior.

No-pulling harness makes it easy to avoid pulling

Dogs, that use to pull, will be stopped from it in a reliable and healthy way. Your dog’s cord obedience will be improved. To achieve this, you must attach the cord to a special breast ring. If your dog starts to pull again or even try to jump into the cord, they will immediately notice, that both things will not work the way they used to back then. If they start pulling, they will be turned onto their back - this will confuse him, thus they will adapt their behavior.

Their heads will be elongated to the front, but the body will not be able to follow, since the cord, that is attached to the anti-pulling harnesses' breast ring, prevents it. This way, your darling learns in the twinkling of an eye, that softly walking besides you will be much more comfortable. You will notice this positive effect quite soon. Also, try out our anti-pulling harness for dogs while training with the check cord.

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