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Harnesses for dogs escape proof

Escape Proof Dog Harnesses
Do you have a young and/or skittish dog? A breakout artist who loves to run away cross-country? In this case, our escape proof dog harnesses are a real support. They provide you with more safety to go, since your dog will not be able to drop out of the harness suddenly, this is especially important, while being in the forest or on hunting grounds. Such a harness also prevents your dog from slipping out of it, due to a bad fitting of the belts and the material. No matter, if long fur or short fur, smaller or huger proportions, our models fit tightly on each dog race.

A escape proof dog harness for small Houdinis to be safe on your way

Your four-legged friend needs mobility, while being on trekking tours. It pays off well, if the dog harness is escape proof. Each of the here shown harnesses provide your dog with perfect flexibility. The escape proof dog harnesses are available in different sizes, you can adjust the belts to the right measurements. The harness fits tightly and proves to be light, despite of its comfortable configuration. If you like to be out and about for a longer period, you should use a bag pack and a escape proof harness as a basis. Here, you can store poop scoops, water bottles, treats, a short leash and other bits and bobs. Your dog will be happy to carry the light weight, since they know, it is “their stuff”. We recommend an extra belly and breast protector for adventurous tours, we deliver them in sizes that fit the harnesses.