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The variety of dog leashes

Dog Leashes
Many dog owners might think: one dog, one collar, one leash – that is sufficient. But it depends on the ventures to which you are taking your four-legged friend. We will show you some examples of variety dog leashes and purposes. A leash with a carabiner is a good choice, since you need a strong company for your trekking tours alongside your darling. The grip feels comfortable for your hand: it is tightly woven and will not slip out of a sweat-soaked hand.

Fitting dog leashes for sporty activities

A dog running leash with an abdominal belt is a good alternative to conventional leashes, if you like to run alongside your dog a lot. The dog leash for running can be attached to a hip belt and your dog’s harness (we also have these products available). This way, you will have your hands free and be able to swing your arms to the natural rhythm of your steps. The tension your dog causes will help you run even faster. Dog leashes made from flexible materials are suitable for all kinds of walks. You will profit from the same effect, if you purchase a continuously adjustable leash. Check cords are also great for training.

We offer waterproof dog cords, as soft models made from leather. All our models are long durable, wipeable and do not mind strong handlings.