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Dog harnesses bring fun

Dog Harnesses
Our Premium dog harnesses bring fun and are perfect for outdoor operations. Miscellaneous safety harnesses and escape proof dog harnesses – our spectrum of dog harnesses reaches from models that suit daily use to models, made for adventurous days in the field. Our hiking harnesses and safety harnesses, suitable for mountain tours and climbing, equip you and your dog for great adventures: our popular hiking harness brings even more fun to long trips across the country – our escape proof dog harnesses will keep your darling safe in undeveloped terrains. You can go there by car, our crash-test-proofed car harness will protect your four-legged friend, even when you go through an emergency braking.

Dog harnesses for each day

Our cushioned dog harnesses bring color to your daily routine – back from an exciting field operation, our harnesses will support you and your dog: equipping and un-equipping is easy, the harnesses have comfortable adjustments that are true to size and fixed to four anatomically convenient points. Cushions for belly and breast will help your dog accept the harness quickly. Equipped with a comfortable harness, your dog will feel fine! The cord can be attached to two fixtures, enabling you to range your neighborhood in a sporty way. You can secure the cord to a light aluminum ring on the back, while doing chill walks. If your four-legged energy pack uses to pull too tensely, you will need a special, fitting dog harness, its sturdy fabric ring on the bosom will support you.