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Abseiling Dog Harness

Abseiling Dog Harness
An abseiling harness is essential for adventurers. An abseiling harness for dogs is requested, if you are an enthusiast climber yourself. Such an abseiling harness is also perfect to help elder and movement impended dogs access cars and boats. Equipped with an abseiling harness, your dog is safe and can comfortably be lifted.

Climbing with the help of a high-quality dog abseiling harness

Let us stay with sports: there are climbing fans who use to look for a single climbing wall only. Their dog will wait for them at the foot of the wall and be completely on their own. A tour with your dog is another kind of climbing: you will be out together and conquer altitudes as a team. Your dog will enjoy this, since they will always be by your side. Not only your dog will probably accompany you to tours like these, but also sporty friends of yours. This way, you increase everybody’s safety. Abseil your dog using the abseiling harness, as soon as your climbing friend has come down. This way, your four-legged friend will not have to wait alone.

Abseiling harness for more safety

Dogs should get used to abseiling step-by-step. The break-free harnesses have thick cushions, safe locks and some extra. There are models in signal colors, others have small pockets. Equip your pet with the harness, lift him using the sturdy back grip and abseil him a bit. This way, he gets used to the feeling of floating. The perfect abseiling harness makes you and your dog happy.